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My first post

A good beginning makes a good ending. I kept this proverb in mind while I was thinking how to start. The first one is the hardest. I started the blog in September 2013 while still in San Francisco. Having spent more than a year in the Bay Area, the heart of world innovation, it was hard to resist the temptation to start blogging. While I was on my MBA, everyone around me was talking about that. I was not an exception. So I made up my mind. I chose WordPress as the best platform for this and started the blog. It took me a while to setup everything(nothing difficult, but a bit awkward and unusual). I played a little with a theme and widgets and then my inspiration left me. Then I left California the country of the bright sun and easy-going people and moved back home to Ukraine. A lot of events started happening in Ukraine. Good or bad, good and bad. We will live to see. Then, I guess I got my epiphany. Here it goes – the first one and the hardest one!